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017 ★ {Requests} [ With love ❤ ]

I love all of you guys ;~; ❤❤❤

Happy Valentine's Day for those who "celebrate" it! It ain't no big deal if you're "single" or not, because romantic love isn't the only type that there is!
Haha! My 17th post on my 17th birthday! Ahaha I just kind of wanted an excuse to post for today ;'P But anyways, I actually kind of wanted to do another graphics post, but since I posted like...2 days ago? It would be pretty pointless, so instead, since I haven't done it in a year( I put it off because it wasn't so great last year ):

Spam Requests!
Hit me with images( and series, because I like to tag ;'P)! As many as you like, and I'll try to icon them to the best of my ability! I don't guarantee that I'll be able to icon every image, but I'll try!? \o/
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016 ★ {Icons} And the World Goes 'round

Happy Lunar New Year!

A tiny post, in honour of Chinese New Year (It's still Chinese New Year!), everything is either red(+hues), or "China & the Asians" related (/cough) I would've done yellow too, but I didn't have enough yellow images/time to find any :/
Oh, and this is a few hours later than I had planned because we suddenly decided to watch Inception :D

★☆ 050 Icons total
025 Icons total
020 ★ Axis Powers HETALIA!
005 ★ Pokemon

025 Plurk Icons total
020 ★ Axis Powers HETALIA
005 ★ Pokemon

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Also: Spam Requests!
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015 ★ {Icons+Banners+Colouring}

I LOVE YOU GUYS ♥♥♥ ;'))
This'll be the last post of 2010, if you haven't noticed yet ;'D Slightly smaller post, seeing as I have either run out of images to icon, or the motivation lately ;'/ But I still love you guys and have no intention to stop yet :D
So enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Hope you all had a good 2010, and see ya'll in 2011 ;') Oh, and shirimaki has a new layout now, courtesy of Spire :DD

...and yup. I screwed up when posting it and didn't realize, so this post is 8 minutes later than it should be ;o;

★☆ 065 total
028 Icons total
009 ★ Axis Powers Hetalia!
002 ★ Digimon
004 ★ Pokemon
014 ★ One Piece

029 Plurk icons Total
009 ★ Axis Powers Hetalia
013 ★ One Piece
005 ★ Pokemon
002 ★ Digimon

007 Banners total
005 ★ Axis Powers Hetalia
001 ★ One Piece
001 ★ Original

001 Colouring Total
001 ★ Shaman King

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014 ★ {Icons}

I didn't even realize until I looked at the date yesterday, that my last post was at the end of July! I'm so sorry guys! B-But it's really only because coding these posts always take a heck of a long time, so I always just end up making more instead XD;; But, as to whether it's because there are too many icons, it's a pain to code that it always takes so long, or it's because it takes so long that it's a pain to code resulting in s many icons, I don't know XD;;

Oh yeah! A lot of the icons in this post come from the result of icontests/lims, so that's why there are so many variations sometimes ;'))

★☆ 235 icons total
187 icons
016 Aki
011 D.Gray-man
008 FLAT
029 Happy Tree Friends
007 Katekyou Hitman Reborn
012 Kazuaki
013 LM.C
008 Monochrome Factor
005 Nabari no Ou
028 Pokemon
013 Shaman King
037 MISC Multifandom

048 PLURK icons
004 Axis Powers Hetalia!
001 FIVE
001 Happy Tree Friends
002 LM.C
002 One Piece
001 Original
026 Pokemon
011 Shaman King

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013.8 ☆ {PLEA+Promo}

OH HEY GUYS!I didn't forget about you guys! But do you guys want to be even more awesome than you already are by voting for the finalists HERE at animan? WE HAVE TIES AND IT'S TAKING FOREVERRRRRR. Come on, you don't even need to give crits ( though that would be lovely ♥ ) just vote in order of preference! The sooner the results re posted, the sooner I can get the post up!

BRB need to continue coding that post I promised...it's taking longer than I expected...

/cough andwhileI'matitanyways....

Banner 3
Sign-Ups / Rules
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013.5 ☆ {PSA 03+Promo}

Banner 1
Sign-Ups / Rules / Affiliates

There's like...a day(?) left to sign up, but GO!? \o/

Bandwidth for the last 2 posts are pretty low right now, as they were uploaded on the same account by accident, so it may or may not run out before the month resets, so I may or may not re-up them to one of the other ones. This will depend on whether or not I have enough time before it actually runs out though.

Thank you and have a nice day/night/afternoon ;'))

Edit 08/15/10: Batch013 has been upped onto an alternative account and links replaced, so bandwidth shouldn't be a problem for that one ;'D

Edit 08/19/10: Bandwidth for the main pb died, so that means most of the icon posts are now exceeded, save for a few, including the last one. :/ Resets on the 27th, so I may or may not do something about it until then...

Edit 08/27/10: Bandwidth reset, everything's back up ;')
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013 ★ Icons{Birthday Parade!}

Kaname's just embarassed o///o
Shirimki is now 2 years old! Though, logically, it was the 28th(yesterday), but I was making icons when I realized that I had 6-9 minutes to throw together the post, so I decided to just make more icons instead XD This post contains 148 icons, the same amount of watchers shirimaki had at the time it turned 2! ;'))
Thanks for stickin' with me guys, knowing that my updates are sporadic and inconsistant XD;; HERE'S TO ANOTHER YEAR!

148 ✌ Icons Total
004 AKI (Angel's Doubt // Olimpos)
028 Axis Powers Hetalia!
006 Durarara!!
004 FLAT
014 Kimi to Boku
012 One Piece
022 Pokemon
006 Takarai Rihito Art
014 Misc
➍ Nabari no Ou
➋ LM.C
➋ Natsume Yuujinchou
➋ Sengoku Basara
➍ Vocaloid

➓+➋ Axis Powers Hetalia!
➋ Durarara!!
➓ One Piece
➓+➋ Pokemon
➋ Vocaloid

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