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.Shirimaki; {Ver :: IX.06}
"The bible was written by the same people who said the Earth was flat."
my thread here

And they also have a list of other charities and ways to donate here.
14th-Feb-2011 11:56 pm - 017 ★ {Requests} [ With love ❤ ]
[Chizuru&Shun] - Magnificent!

I love all of you guys ;~; ❤❤❤

Happy Valentine's Day for those who "celebrate" it! It ain't no big deal if you're "single" or not, because romantic love isn't the only type that there is!
Haha! My 17th post on my 17th birthday! Ahaha I just kind of wanted an excuse to post for today ;'P But anyways, I actually kind of wanted to do another graphics post, but since I posted like...2 days ago? It would be pretty pointless, so instead, since I haven't done it in a year( I put it off because it wasn't so great last year ):

Spam Requests!
Hit me with images( and series, because I like to tag ;'P)! As many as you like, and I'll try to icon them to the best of my ability! I don't guarantee that I'll be able to icon every image, but I'll try!? \o/

Happy Lunar New Year!

A tiny post, in honour of Chinese New Year (It's still Chinese New Year!), everything is either red(+hues), or "China & the Asians" related (/cough) I would've done yellow too, but I didn't have enough yellow images/time to find any :/
Oh, and this is a few hours later than I had planned because we suddenly decided to watch Inception :D

★☆ 050 Icons total
025 Icons total
020 ★ Axis Powers HETALIA!
005 ★ Pokemon

025 Plurk Icons total
020 ★ Axis Powers HETALIA
005 ★ Pokemon

Keep it elequent, optimistic but never quite elegantCollapse )

Also: Spam Requests!
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